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If you are facing pending foreclosure on your home, there are other options besides bankruptcy. During your free initial consultation with an attorney from the Pratt & Maegli Law Firm, we may decide that your best strategy is to defend against the pending foreclosure. There are numerous potential defenses in foreclosure cases. For example, banks, lenders and servicers are notorious for making mistakes with loan paperwork. The Pratt & Maegli Law Firm knows what to look for in this paperwork and can defend you and make the bank or lender prove their case. This has the effect of putting the brakes on the foreclosure action. “Proving their case” may be difficult or impossible for the bank to do.

Another defense is the Predatory Lending defense. At the time you obtained financing for your home, the agent, lender or loan broker may have been guilty of predatory lending practices. We will examine the financing paperwork to determine whether you have a predatory lending defense to the foreclosure case filed by the bank or servicer.

If a lender is pursuing you for money left owing after your short sale (this is known as the “deficiency”), you may have a legal defense or defenses against the deficiency claim made by the lender. The Pratt & Maegli Law Firm will examine your short sale paperwork and discuss all of your options with you.

You have certain rights as a consumer. If you fail to assert your Consumer Rights quickly you may give up your rights and thereby give your lender the ability to garnish your wages and/or bank accounts. Failing to assert your Consumer Rights may also cause you to lose your home or car and may even force you into bankruptcy.

Contact the Pratt & Maegli Law Firm today to see if any of these defenses can help stop foreclosure on your home.

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